Comprehensive Guide to Transportation in Amsterdam (2023)

Planning your journey in Amsterdam can be a daunting task, especially if you're unfamiliar with the city's transportation options. With an extensive network of trains, buses, ferries, metros, and trams, it's essential to navigate efficiently. To simplify your experience, consider utilizing the NS-app, available in both English and Dutch, or the widely-used Google Maps for public transport routes.

NS-App: Your Ultimate Amsterdam Transport Companion

The NS-app stands out as an invaluable tool for seamless navigation through Amsterdam's public transportation. It enables you to plan routes, save them for future reference, check for disruptions, and access a detailed map of the Netherlands. Save your frequently visited destinations for quick, one-click retrieval. Stay informed about current and upcoming disruptions to factor them into your route planning.

Tip: Pre-order your Netherlands and Amsterdam public transport ticket valid for 1-7 days.

Modes of Transport in and Around Amsterdam

Schiphol Airport Options


The train from Schiphol Airport to Amsterdam Central is a convenient option, taking approximately 15 minutes. The station is easily accessible within a few minutes' walk from the airport.

Bus (Amsterdam Airport Express - Bus 397)

The Amsterdam Airport Express bus operates day and night, connecting the airport to the city center, including stops at prominent locations like Leidseplein. Wheelchair accessibility adds to its convenience.


Taxis offer door-to-door service, with approved options available by following designated signs at the airport. To prevent scams, consider pre-arranging your transportation.

Car Rental

For those planning frequent excursions, renting a car, either in advance or on arrival, provides flexibility. Car rental services are conveniently accessible at Schiphol Plaza.

Car2Go (Car Sharing)

Opt for a smart car rental through Car2Go for short-term usage. This electric vehicle accommodates two passengers and is available at various locations in Amsterdam, Schiphol, and Amstelveen.

Amsterdam Train System

The extensive train network in Amsterdam, primarily centered around Amsterdam Centraal, facilitates efficient travel over longer distances. With 11 train stations in the city, including Amsterdam Amstel, Amsterdam Zuid, and Amsterdam Sloterdijk, online ticket booking via the NS-app or at stations is hassle-free.

Metro Transport in Amsterdam

Amsterdam's metro system, comprising five lines (50, 51, 52, 53, and 54), offers both underground and aboveground services. Quick and efficient, it's ideal for covering various distances within the city.

Tram Services in Amsterdam

The extensive tram network with 15 lines (1-7, 11, 12, 13, 14, 17, 19, 24, and 26) is a popular mode of transport within the city. Trams are not only a favorite among tourists but also widely used by locals. Purchase tickets directly from conductors for flexibility in travel duration.

Bus Services in Amsterdam

Boasting 36 bus lines, Amsterdam's bus services are well-coordinated, minimizing wait times for transfers. Tickets can be purchased online or on the bus, with clear information provided on the NS-app.

Amsterdam Ferry System

The free ferry system in Amsterdam serves both practical transportation needs and offers a scenic view of the IJ. Operating to various destinations, including Buiksloterweg, Distelweg, NDSM, and Ijplein, these ferries are a unique and cost-effective means of travel.

Amsterdam Taxi Services

While taxis are available, they are relatively expensive compared to public transport. Designated taxi stands at popular locations, such as Leidseplein and Amsterdam Centraal, ensure reliable service. Consider pre-booking for cost savings.

Embracing the Dutch Cycling Culture

In the cycling haven of Amsterdam, renting a bike presents a quintessential experience. Explore the city independently or join guided bike tours, offering insights into historical landmarks like the Anne Frank House and the Jordaan district.

Tip: Pre-book your bike rental for a hassle-free experience.


Navigating Amsterdam's diverse transportation options can be overwhelming, but armed with the right information, your journey becomes a seamless adventure. Whether opting for the efficiency of the NS-app, the convenience of public transport, or the unique experience of cycling, Amsterdam ensures a variety of travel choices to suit every preference. Discover the city with confidence, embracing its rich tapestry of transportation possibilities.


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